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First Gila topminnow release made under Arizona Game and Fish Department Safe Harbor Agreement
Southwest Region, September 3, 2008
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The first Gila topminnow population under the Arizona Game and Fish Departments Safe Harbor Agreement for topminnow and pupfish was reestablished on September 3, 2008.  Two hundred fish were released into the private TimBuckTwo pond near Amado.  These fish, of the Redrock lineage, came from Arizona State University (ASU) where refuge topminnow populations are maintained and and fish are provided reintroduction efforts. In addition to ASU, Desert Harbor Elementary School in Peoria also maintains a captive population of the Redrock lineage.  This lineage only existed in captivity before the release, since the natural population in Redrock Canyon is apparently extirpated.  The release was carried out through a cooperative effort between the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the Service, and the landowners, Kathy Groschupf and Frank Baucom.  Staff hope to release desert pupfish into the pond in 2009.

Contact Info: Nick Carrillo, (602) 242-0210x203, nick_carrillo@fws.gov
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