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Middle Rio Grande Bosque Initiative Projects Funded Author: Cyndie Abeyta, R2-New Mexico Ecological Svcs
Southwest Region, September 9, 2008
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In FY 2008, through the Middle Rio Grande Bosque Initiative (MRGBI), the USFWS will distribute $271,000 in grants to several conservation organizations in the middle Rio Grande to help protect and enhance the river’s natural functions.  Senators Domenici and Bingaman have been instrumental in acquiring congressionally appropriated funds for this grant program for several years.  The MRGBI, which was created 14 years ago is guided by the Bosque Improvement Group, commonly referred to as “BIG.”  BIG is an ad-hoc alliance that provides a forum for those interested in bosque management throughout the Rio Grande basin.  Participants include Federal, State, tribal, city, county and local government agencies, private industry, not-for-profit organizations and others who have an interest in the forest and meadows bordering the river.  MRGBI projects funded in FY08 include:

1) Assessment of vulnerable species at risk from climate change in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque (USDA/Forest Service/Rocky Mountain Research Station;

2) FY08 Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program: Science Section (University of New Mexico);

3) Bird and Vegetation Community Relationships in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque (Hawks Aloft, Inc.);

4) Rio Rancho Area Bosque Improvement Plan (Friends of Rio Rancho Open Space);

5) Albuquerque Bosque Riparian Restoration (Tree New Mexico);

6) Phase III-Santo Domingo Tribe Bosque Improvement project (Santo Domingo Tribe);

7) FY08 Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program: Outreach Section (Bosque School);

8) Middle Rio Grande Bosque Initiative Web Page Database and GIS--Year 2 (University of New Mexico); and

9)  Using the Field Guide to the Plants and Animals of the Middle Rio Grande Bosque (UNM Press) for Biology Education (Drylands Institute).


Contact Info: Nicole Haskett, 505-248-6457gov, nicole_haskett@fws.gov
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