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Draft 5-Year Status Review of Devils River Minnow
Southwest Region, August 15, 2008
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The Austin Ecological Services Office submitted a draft 5-year review for the Devils River minnow to the Regional Office in mid-August.  The Devils River minnow was listed as threatened in 1999.  This fish occurs in streams tributary to the Rio Grande in Texas and northern Mexico.  The range of the species in the U.S. is limited to Val Verde and Kinney counties, Texas. It has a Recovery Priority Number of 2.

Recent status reviews of the Devils River minnow were included in critical habitat designation published in August 2008 and the Devils River Minnow Recovery Plan completed in 2005.  These analyses confirm that the species remains threatened by under Factor A related to habitat and Factor C, which include impacts from nonnative species.  The updated reviews during the critical habitat designation and considerations under this 5-year review process find that the threats and status documented in the recovery plan are still relevant and support the current status of the species as federally-threatened throughout all of its range.

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