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KENAI: Kenai National Wildlife RefugeRecieves Alaska Green Star Award
Alaska Region, May 6, 2008
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The Refuge goal of achieving Alaska Green Star status began when it started its recycling program over 15 years ago.  Through the efforts of Park Ranger Jetta Minerva, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge successfully earned an Alaska Green Star Award on May 6, 2008. 

Receiving a Green Star Award recognizes that the Refuge met at least 12 key standards demonstrating positive environmental practices in its daily operations.  Standards include reducing overall waste, conserving paper, purchasing recycled products, implementing energy saving changes, recycling and reusing materials, and disposing of hazardous materials properly. In addition, all members of Refuge staff support recycling efforts and make energy saving contributions which was a critical element for qualifying and earning the award.

Contact Info: Candace Ward, 907-262-7021, candace_ward@fws.gov
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