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All Oklahoma FWS Field Stations Meeting
Southwest Region, June 11, 2008
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Author:           Ken Frazier/ Terry Whittaker

Date(s):          June 11, 2008

Location:        Oklahoma ES Office

Meeting attendees:   Oklahoma ES, Salt Plains NWR, Washita NWR, Wichita Mountains WR, Little River NWR, Sequoyah NWR, Ozark Plateau NWR, Oklahoma Fish and Wildlife Assistance Office, Oklahoma Office of Law Enforcement

Executive summary of accomplishment (paragraph):  OKESFO hosted the 3rd annual All Oklahoma FWS Field Station Meeting, “The Shindig”.  This annual event was designed to acquaint all Service employees throughout the state of Oklahoma.  About 55 staff from Oklahoma refuges, fisheries, LE, and ES offices attended.  Topics discussed included areas of responsibility and shared interests, issues and projects, and collaborate on ways to share staff, expertise, and resources.

The major issues raised at the 2008 meeting are as follows:

Seismic Surveys/oil and gas activity


Former Defense sites/contaminants

Wind Power

Refuge access

Timber management activities

Land acquisition

Paddlefish/egg trade

Commercial hunting

Oil pits/migratory birds


Staffing needs

Workforce planning

Rx fire

Lesser prairie-chicken

Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan update

Kinds of help we can provide each other

This annual meeting of Oklahoma FWS Employees continues to be a success, providing valuable information and networking opportunities that individual field stations can use to improve current and future operations.  The 1st and 2nd meetings were hosted by Deep Fork NWR and Tishomingo NWR, respectively.  The 2009 “Shingdig” will be hosted by Sequoyah NWR. 

FWS programs involved: Refuges, Fisheries, Ecological Services, and Law Enforcement.


Contact Info: Terry Whittaker, 918-382-4523, terry_whittaker@fws.gov
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