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Karst Initiative/Red-imported Fire Ant Workshop Held
Southwest Region, June 19, 2008
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 As part of the on-going Karst Conservation Initiative kicked off by the Austin ES office this year, a workshop on the  red-imported fire ant (RIFA) was held.  Brackenridge Field Lab at the University of Texas at Austin hosted the workshop on June 19.  RIFA are a threat to endangered karst invertebrates.  The workshop was intended to increase awareness on the various ways that land managers are conducting RIFA treatment and results of those treatments.  Speakers discussed biocontrol experiments with phorid flies (natural parasitoid of RIFA), boiling water and chemical treatments.  The workshop also included a demonstration on how to use a high-pressure washer to treat RIFA with boiling water.  The workshop was considered a success and provided an opportunity to discuss ways to increase the efficacy of RIFA treatment and to target future research.  This workshop is an example of the strategic habitat conservation approach in practice, particularly the use of monitoring and research in a feedback loop to influence future conservation actions.

Contact Info: Bill Seawell, 512 490-0057, bill_seawell@fws.gov
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