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Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to Remove Snake from Endangered Species Act Protection
Southwest Region, July 8, 2008
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The Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the Concho water snake should be removed from the Federal list of threatened and endangered species.  The proposed rule, published in the Federal Register on July 8, 2008, is open to public comments until September 8.  The snake inhabits portions of the Colorado and Concho rivers in central Texas.  The proposal to delist the water snake is based on a recent review of the current status of the population and the known threats to the snake‚Äôs survival.  Research suggests that some threats to the species are not as serious as previously thought when the snake was listed as threatened in 1986.  Surveys have shown that the snake uses reservoirs, persists in low stream flow conditions better than was predicted, and it has a slightly larger range than was known at the time of listing.  Earlier this year, the Service entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Colorado River Municipal Water District to ensure that stream flows would be maintained in the Colorado River to provide habitat for the Concho water snake, even if it is removed from the threatened list.

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