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Project Leader Academy
Midwest Region, June 15, 2008
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Joanne Grady, Branch Chief – Fish Conservation, was one of five Region 3 Fisheries staff to attend the June 2008 Project Leader Academy at NCTC. Attendees spent three days on “The Leadership Challenge” where we used 360 degree evaluations to examine our strengths and challenges as leaders. We learned about partnering, budget responsibilities and working with the media and Congress. The highlight of the two-week course was the presentations given by each participant which included the vision statements each of us crafted for our stations. These presentations were absolutely amazing; full of hope and promise for the future of the Fish & Wildlife Service.


The vision statement Joanne crafted for the Fish Conservation branch is: “We are committed passionate employees of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service working seamlessly with the strengths and skills of a diversity of partners to ensure a continued world of healthy streams and watersheds. Collectively we envision this future for our children and strive to minimize the impacts of human populations while making smart collaborative choices about development and resource use.”

Contact Info: Larry Dean, 612-713-5312, Larry_Dean@fws.gov
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