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"Biologist for a Day" field trip and activites with students at Amerischools College Preparatory Academy
Southwest Region, May 2, 2008
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Marit Alanen, a wildlife biologist in the Tucson suboffice of the Arizona Ecological Services office, worked with a teacher at the Amerischools College Preparatory Academy in Tucson, Arizona, to develop a field trip and biology-related activities for approximately 30 students in a 9th grade biology class.  The concept surrounding the activities was that the students were biologists for the day and had received funding from the fictional Freeman Homestead Trail Association to study the one-mile Freeman Homestead Trail in Saguaro National Park.  The students were provided with a scope of work, a map of the trail, four photo points highlighting different saguaros along the trail, and a cholla key.  The list of "deliverables" the students needed to complete included locating the four photo points and re-taking the photos, locating at least four types of cholla and keying them to species, photo-documenting the life cycle of the saguaro, composing a field note of an interesting plant, and creating a sound map within the wash at the end of the trail.  Back in the classroom the students then created a cover page and bound all the pages into an accordion-style book that served as their "final report" to the fictional Association.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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