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YUKON FLATS: Moose Flick an Overnight Hit
Alaska Region, May 16, 2008
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A young moose calf asleep. Photo by USFWS
A young moose calf asleep. Photo by USFWS - Photo Credit: n/a

The Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are pleased to release the newly revised Interior Alaska Moose Management, a collaborative film project.  This seven minute educational DVD presents an overview of the life cycle of Interior Alaska moose and highlights the importance of cooperatively managing the population to ensure that moose are available for future generations to enjoy.

The film covers topics ranging from hunting, predation, and the habitat needs of moose.  A key message of the film is the importance of not hunting cow moose.  In Interior Alaska, a cow moose produces ten to twenty calves during her lifetime.  If a cow moose is killed, so are her future offspring.  By following current hunting regulations and taking bulls instead of cows, the moose population is more likely to grow. 

The revised film updates an original 1993 version.  The DVD is being distributed throughout Interior Alaska to local residents, tribal councils, advisory councils, and schools.  For more information contact Shannon Nelson, Yukon Flats NWR Education Specialist at (907) 455-1823. 

Contact Info: Kristen Gilbert, 907-786-3391, Kristen_Gilbert@fws.gov
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