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YUKON DELTA:Lead for Steel is a Good Deal for All
Alaska Region, May 15, 2008
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In the fall of 2007 the State of Alaska Board of Game approved a proposal from the village of Hooper Bay to eliminate the use of lead shot for most hunting in Unit 18.  To reduce economic hardship on local villages, Yukon Delta Refuge agreed to a phased exchange of non-toxic shot for lead shot over the next two spring subsistence seasons. "We felt it was a small investment to make to remove a large portion of the lead shot from the Delta," said Deputy Manager Doug Staller.  

Refuge Officers began visiting villages by airplane prior to the spring subsistence hunt.  While discussing law enforcement issues they exchanged steel shot for lead.   Most villagers have been eager to trade in their lead shot for steel.  Refuge Information Technicians conducted steel shot clinics in villages this spring as well.

"The removal of lead shot is very important to the recovery of Steller's and Spectacled Eiders," said Karen Laing, Service Eider Recovery Coordinator.    

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