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MICRA Sturgeon Working Group Meeting MICRA Sturgeon Workgroup Meeting MICRA Sturgeon Workgroup Meeting MICRA Sturgeon Workgroup Meeting
Midwest Region, April 8, 2008
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Project Leader Tracy Hill and Branch Chief for Missouri River Studies Wyatt Doyle traveled to Collinsville, Ill. on March 19, 2008 to attend a special meeting of the MICRA Sturgeon Working Group.  The group meets to address the take of pallid sturgeon in the shovelnose sturgeon commercial fishery where the two species are sympatric.  The working group is seeking input from across the Mississippi River basin to develop a strategy that will eliminate the take of pallid sturgeon in the commercial fishery.  MICRA recognizes that the most protective measure to protect pallid sturgeon is to close the commercial fishery for shovelnose sturgeon where the two species overlap, however some states have been unwilling or unable to close their roe fisheries.  Meeting participants worked to develop a set of strategies that could be employed by states to eliminate pallid sturgeon harvest.  Recommendations developed by this working group will be forwarded to the MICRA Executive Board for further consideration.

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