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Tree Planting on Sevilleta NWR
Southwest Region, April 1, 2008
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At the end of February, a tree-planting blitz took place on Sevilleta NWR in the newly-revamped Unit B near the confluence of the Rios Salado and Grande.  The week started out with 17 volunteers from the Sierra Club planting Gooding's willow poles in a re-created 120-acre wetland.  Equipment Operators Ken Wolf and Rich Calamusso had spent all summer 2007 reworking the contours of the wetland to increase its surface area.  Then, with the help of the volunteers, the trees came next.  The Regional Office staff even got involved with a "Field Day" helping plant trees.  The last day of the week was set just for our new Friends group, the Amigos de la Sevilleta to plant.  A total of 2000 trees went into the ground at the watertable.  The purpose is to add more native habitat for the endangered Southwestern willow flycatcher.  After eliminating invasive salt cedars (no easy task) restoration has to take place to reclaim the natural habitats favored by the birds.  A generous grant from the Management of Exotics for the Recovery of Endangered Species program provided $140,000 to enhance this area, one of the most densely populated nesting sites of the bird.  With all the great help, this area will see recovery much faster than if left on its own.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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