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Off Duty San Bernardino NWR Refuge Law Enforcement Officer Offers Aid to Victims of a Vehicle Roll-over
Southwest Region, December 7, 2007
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On Friday December 7, 2007, an off duty Refuge Law Enforcement Officer from San Bernardino NWR assisted with a vehicle accident on his way to Tucson.  The officer was on Highway 191 headed north when he was flagged down by a woman on the side of the road that appeared to be injured.   The officer stopped and was informed by the woman that she had struck a javelina and her car had rolled off the road into a thicket of mesquites.  She also informed the officer that her baby was still in the car.  After unsuccessfully attempting to call 911 on his cell phone, the officer proceeded to the car.   When the officer approached the car he saw another woman and an infant in a car seat, seated outside of the vehicle.  Shortly after this a husband and wife who had seen the refuge officer turn around stopped and offered assistance. The woman called 911 and reported the accident and gave directions to the dispatcher.  The man and the refuge officer proceeded to render first aid to the accident victims.  Approximately ten minutes after the 911 call a highway patrol officer arrived on scene and instructed the refuge officer to stay by the road to direct the paramedics when they arrived.  The two adult victims were transported to University Medical Center in Tucson and the infant was placed in the custody of its grandparents.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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