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Imperial NWR Celebrates Construction of Imperial Ponds
Southwest Region, November 30, 2007
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On November 5, 2007 U. S.  Fish and Wildlife Service Region 2 Chief Chris Pease and Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Robert Johnson joined Imperial Staff and federal, state and local representatives of the 56-member Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program (MSCP) and celebrated the completion of the first phase of a major habitat improvement project at the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge on the Lower Colorado River. The “Imperial Ponds Conservation Area Project” will result in a native landscape unlike any other found on the lower Colorado River. To date, six ponds for raising native but endangered Colorado River fish have been completed, along with some related work. Over the next year, 34 acres of native cottonwood and willow trees will be planted, and a 12-acre marsh area will be created specifically to attract the endangered California black rail and other threatened or endangered species. The MSCP is a 50-year effort by the Department of the Interior and state, local and private entities from Arizona, California and Nevada to conserve endangered species and protect wildlife habitat on the Lower Colorado River, while ensuring existing Colorado River water and power operations. At the conclusion of the program guest were invited to participate in planting bulrush along pond one.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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