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Thermal Profile Assessment of the Mountain Fork and Little River Downstream of a Proposed Hydropower Project
Southwest Region, November 16, 2007
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Daniel Fenner of the Oklahoma Ecological Services Field Office met with David Weaver and Gary Murphy of the Little River NWR to install temperature loggers at multiple locations along the Mountain Fork and Little Rivers as part of a thermal profile study examining potential effects from a proposed hydropower project on the Mountain Fork River.  One temperature logger was installed on the Mountain Fork River (a tributary of the Little River), but other installations were delayed due to above average flows.  After flows recede, additional temperature loggers will be installed.  These loggers will provide information on current conditions, including potential effects from existing cool water releases from Broken Bow Reservoir to river segments several miles downstream of the dam and should aid in predicting potential impacts, if any, from additional cool water releases proposed from the hydropower project.  Several mussels of concern occupy the Little River both upstream and downstream of the Mountain Fork confluence, including the federally-listed endangered Ouachita rock pocketbook Arkansia wheeleri, scaleshell Leptodea leptodon, and winged mapleleaf Quadrula fragosa.  Temperature loggers will remain in place and continue to collect data after the proposed hydropower project is implemented. 

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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