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Native American Liaison to create Website
Southwest Region, October 9, 2007
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Currently the new Native American Liaison (NAL) for the Southwest Region, Joe Early, is in the process of working with Regional Web Manager, Lisa Whittle to create a webpage for all the Native American Tribes (Tribes) within the Southwest Region and other interested personnel/entities.  The website will feature a map of the four States and all the Tribes locations pursuant to their geographic location.  To start with, people visiting the website will be able to click on certain Tribal names, which will activate a pop-up feature that will profile successful Tribal Wildlife Grant (TWG) and Tribal Landowner Incentive Program (TLIP) recipients, along with their successful and current work being conducted and the cooperative effort between the Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) and the Tribe to successfully manage fish, wildlife and habitats of Service and Tribal significance.  In addition, on-line grant training, a Tribal natural resource directory, and links to all Service websites and information pursuant to Tribes will be added.  The NAL welcomes any and all comments from Service personnel who may work with Tribes and/or have ideas that may be beneficial to both the Service and the Tribes.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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