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Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR - Monthly Staff Notes - October 2007
Southwest Region, October 31, 2007
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Of the 95 Attwater's prairie chickens (APC) released on the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) this year, about two-thirds are still alive at the end of October.  Additional birds were released at the Nature Conservancy's Texas City Prairie Preserve (TCPP) (25), and, for the first time ever, on private ranchland in Goliad County (37).  About two-thirds of the birds released on private lands are also alive; however, less than 25% of the birds released on the TCPP were alive by the end of October.  In an effort to relieve crowding at the breeding facilities this year, 30 birds were released as early as late June.  Preliminary results show that birds released earlier in the summer have a better survival rate than those released in late August/September. 

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