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Muleshoe NWR Hosts Rangeland Field Day to Help Local Landowners
Southwest Region, August 31, 2007
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Several agencies, both government and non-government partnered together to sponsor a rangeland field day on the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge on August 22, 2007.  Attendees were primarily area landowners and there were 30 participants. The objective was to highlight good grassland management practices and provide landowners with options to control invasive and undesireable plants and maximize forage production for livestock.  All individuals received a travel bag worth approximately $90.00 containing several binders of information, tools necessary to conduct forage inventories, and other items.


The morning was spent with range plant identification and rangeland inventorying and monitoring presentations.  Then the group was involved in a field exercise on the refuge nature trail where 20 different plant species had been flagged and numbered.  Participants were asked to use their knowledge and skills to identify as many of the plants as they could.  Natural Resources Conservation Service rangeland specialists gave them the correct answers and a short description and beneficial uses of each plant.


Dow Chemical, Dupont Chemical and Wes-Texas Resource Conservation and Development treated participants to a free lunch.  After lunch, the two chemical representatives gave presentations on safe herbicide uses to control brush and weeds.  They also continued further discussions on various grasses and other plants found in the area.  The afternoon concluded with another field exercise of clipping vegetation to determine forage inventory available for livestock grazing.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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