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Partners for Fish and Wildlife Projects FY2007
Southwest Region, July 16, 2007
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The AZFRO Partners for FIsh and Wildlife Program funded five projects in 2005

1)  The construction of a refuge pond (less than 1 acre) for Gila topminnow and desert pupfish at the Spur Cross Ranch Preserve owned by Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department.  This pond will be approximately 500 square feet and 2 feet deep incorporating a solar pump to supply water from an on-site well.

2)  The construction of two small refuge ponds (less than 1 acre) for Gila topminnow, desert pupfish, and numerous state listed species at Cienega High School in Vail, Arizona.  FWS dollars will also be used to construct a fence, build an irrigation system, and supply naitve plants.

3)  1,280 acres of invasive mult-stemmed juniper will be mechanically removed from historical grassland habitat on the Hopi 3 Canyon Ranches- Aja Ranch, south of Winslow Arizona.  This project will mostly benefit grassland birds like the ferruginous hawk and Swainson's hawk.

4)  The construction of two 600 square foot ponds incorporating solar pumps for the rearing and grow out of a state listed species, the roundtail chub, for reintroduction back into the Verde River system.  This is located on the Y-Bar-D Ranch in Perkinsville Arizona.

5)  Two ponds totalling 1.1 acres on La Paz County's Emerald Canyon Golf Course will be upgraded prior to the introduction of razorback sucker and bonytail chub.  These fish will be grown out in these ponds prior to reintroduction back into the Colorado River where they are nearly extirpated.  The golf course has two other ponds that are currently being used for this purpose and have been assisting AZFRO for the past 5 years.

Projects #1 and #2 will incorporate the rangewide Safe Harbor Agreement for topminnow and desert pupfish.  The two cooperators will be enrolled in the Safe Harbor Agreement using a certificate of inclusion.

Two additional projects may occur using 2007 funds dependent upon whether these funds will be available by the end of the fiscal year. 

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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