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Refuge Floods
Southwest Region, June 29, 2007
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Much of the state of Oklahoma has received record-breaking rainfall for the month of June.  The rainfall for June alone is almost 6 inches above normal for Okmulgee County.   It is extremely unusual for heavy and continual rains to occur after mid-June.  However this year the last two weeks of June have been particularly wet.   These heavy rains have caused significant flooding on the refuge.  The Deep Fork River came out of its banks on June 22 and has been rising ever since.  The Deep Fork is not expected to crest until July 2.   Approximately 80 percent (7600 acres) of the refuge is now inundated with floodwater, with some areas as deep as ten feet.  Flooding along the Deep Fork River is not uncommon and is a natural occurrence, but heavy flooding does damage refuge roads, trails, fences, and water control structures.

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