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AK PENINSULA: King Salmon Celebrates the 1st Annual Bird Festival
Alaska Region, May 26, 2007
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Bird Calls, King Salmon, AK 5/26/07
Bird Calls, King Salmon, AK 5/26/07 - Photo Credit: n/a
Build a Bird, King Salmon, AK 5/26/07
Build a Bird, King Salmon, AK 5/26/07 - Photo Credit: n/a

The first ever "Children's Bird Festival" was held at the King Salmon Visitor Center on Saturday, May 26th. Children cycled through nine activities. Some of the activities were from the Audubon's "Bird Academy" curriculum. There was also Bird Bingo, a scavenger hunt, crossword puzzle and even a film festival about birds. When participants completed their activity booklets, they received a commemorating stamp in their book. After all of the activities were completed, children (and adults) drew for prizes. Activities included learning about the diet of shorebirds by visiting the "Mudflat Cafe;" demonstrating the function of wings in the "build a bird" activity; and identifying types of habitat and the birds that live there. The bird cafe and listening for different bird calls were just two of the many favorite activities and everyone enjoyed themselves. Cake and coffee were provided along with helium balloons in bug and bird shapes. Over 60 children and adults participated in the event. The Becharof and Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuges planned and sponsored the event as a way to celebrate the return of birds to the area. The day was so well received by residents that the Refuge and visitor center staff plan on it being an annual event. 

Contact Info: Kristen Gilbert, 907-786-3391, Kristen_Gilbert@fws.gov
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