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Local Educator Receives 'Nature of Learning' Grant Through San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge
Southwest Region, April 1, 2007
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Kelly Savage, a retired teacher now employed with the Nimon S. Hopkins Conservation Education Center, received a "Nature of Learning" grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for her lesson plan "From Ranch to River".  The lesson plan teaches children from kindergarten through high school about the history of natural resources and the historical impacts that ranching and farming has had on them in southeastern Arizona.  The refuge participates by giving presentations to the school groups on what the U.S. Fish and Wildlife does towards resource conservation and more locally what the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge does.  The children are taught about the endangered fish that are found on the refuge and some of the things the refuge staff does to ensure their survival, such as water monitoring and fish monitoring.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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