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Fence RemovalHelps Wildlife atBuenos Aires NWR
Southwest Region, April 7, 2007
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Thirteen citizen volunteers from three conservation groups traveled to Buenos Aires NWR to devote a day to barbed wire fence removal on April 7, 2007.  The refuge was a ranch for 120 years prior to acquisition by the Service, and ranch fence removal has been an ongoing project since the ranch was made a refuge in 1985.  Elimination of fences allows easy and safe wildlife movement between refuge grassland areas and to water sites.  Pronghorn particularly benefit from fence removal because they are reluctant to jump barriers and may become entangled.  Deer are also subject to entrapment.  On this work day, 13 workers removed 5200 feet of 5-strand barbed wire.  The work crew was coordinated by refuge volunteer Gary Tuell and included members of the Arizona Wildlife Federation, Arizona Antelope Foundation, and the Southern Arizona Wildlife Callers.  Their efforts removed the last major fence in a large section of grassland and also provided easy access to a water source.  This project provides  lasting benefit to deer and pronghorns on the refuge.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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