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Service Biologist Attends Modeling Sub-Committee Meeting.
Midwest Region, September 22, 2006
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John Netto attended the fall meeting of the Modeling Sub-Committee of the Technical Fisheries Committee to the 2000 Consent Decree, in Roscommon, Michigan. 


The MSC reviewed the status of the lake whitefish models and discussed other business related to the stock assessment process in the treaty waters.   


Netto presented the modeling results and harvest limit recommendation for whitefish management unit WFM-02 in Lake Michigan.    He also presented the results of diagnostic procedures performed on the model and measures of uncertainty for key quantities. 


Additionally, Netto presented sea lamprey induced mortality estimates for Lake Michigan lake trout based on 2006 data collections. 


Every year, the Modeling Sub-Committee meets prior to setting white fish harvest limits to allow peer review and discussion of the data analysis and modeling that is required to set harvest limits.  At this meeting, John was also named co-chair of the committee a title he shares with Aaron Woldt from the Alpena FRO.

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