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Missouri Winter Ice Flows Make the Evening News
Midwest Region, February 6, 2007
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Ice flowing on the Missouri River near Columbia, Missouri in February of 2007.
- FWS photo
Ice flowing on the Missouri River near Columbia, Missouri in February of 2007.

- FWS photo

- Photo Credit: n/a

Frigid temperatures, ice storms, and heavy snow dominated weather departments of central Missouri  television stations in.  This winter had some of the most severe weather in nearly a decade. 


Prolonged freezing temperatures throughout the Midwest led to heavy ice on the Missouri River.  In a typical year, flowing ice only hampers our sampling for a few days.  This year, heavy ice flows kept Columbia FRO sampling crews off the river for over a month.  Typically the month of February results in several pallid sturgeon captures, this year we weren’t even on the river.


As weather related stories filled the local television newsrooms, one reporter noticed a remarkable amount of flowing ice on the Missouri River.  During his research for the story, he contacted our office seeking information. 


Columbia FRO Biologist Andy Plauck was put on the spot, looking into a big video camera and answering questions about work with pallid sturgeon and the Missouri River.  The cameraman also took footage of some of the office’s ice covered equipment and of the icy river. 


After editing, the story was just a two minute blurb on the evening news with Plauck commenting on the large amount of ice we were seeing this year. 


In a town where the large majority of people know very little about the large river flowing on its outskirts, it was good to see this story make the news.  Seizing the opportunity demonstrates Columbia FRO staff's ability and willingness to educate the public on current ecological issues. 


This interview was an opportunity to increase the public’s environmental awareness and educate them on issues related to the endangered pallid sturgeon, both of which are key components of the “Native Species” Goal of the Fisheries Program’s “Vision for the Future.”

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