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28th Annual Eagle Days a Success
Midwest Region, December 3, 2006
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The 28th annual Eagle Days, a cooperative event partnered with the Missouri Department of Conservation, was a success despite inclement weather conditions that hit central and south Missouri at the end of November, significatly reducing visitors and volunteers from Kansas City and the surrounding area.

A total of 684 students attended the Friday school day event while four schools were unable to attend due to snow.  In addition, the live eagle show from the World Bird Sanctuary, St. Louis, could not make the trip Thursday night for the live television show in St. Joseph or for the Friday school day.

A free shuttle bus service was available for visitors to bring them to the headquarters from a parking lot off of Interstate 29.  All visitors were able to see the live eagle show and the numerous displays in the headquarters visitor contact station and auditorium, get souvenir buttons, tattos, posters, build an eagle nest and get their picture take with Puddles or in front of the 25-foot tall American eagle. 

In addition, a Ding Darling photo display was also available.  Visitors could get a free guided bus tour of Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge and/or make a stop at a staffed spotting scope trained on bald eagles in the wild.

A total of 2,697 visitors entered the visitor contact station, approximately 480 below the 27 year average of 3,178.  Approximately 1,939 enjoyed the live eagle show, 1,172 stopped at the Service staffed spotting scopes, 439 took the free guided bus tour and 82 utilized the shuttle bus service.  Approximately 4,049 visitors traveled the auto tour route, nearly 1,800 fewer than previous years.

Contact Info: Larry Dean, 612-713-5312, Larry_Dean@fws.gov
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