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Muzzleloading Firearm Deer Hunt Popular in Missouri
Midwest Region, January 7, 2007
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The annual anterless only muzzleloading firearm white-tailed deer hunt at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge continues to attract a large number of applicants. 

A total of 702 Missouri residents applied for the 125 available antlerless only deer permits at Squaw Creek, January 6-7. 

This year, hunters could take up to 4 deer.  A total of 112 individuals utilized their permits expending approximately 1,458 hous harvesting 135 deer. 

Seventy of the 112 hunters harvested a minimum of one deer for a success rate of 62.5%.  Eight of the 70 took home 4 deer, 9 took home 3 deer, 23 took home 2 deer and 30 were able to harvest 1. 

The initial hunt was completed Jnuary 1988 and has been an annual event since in an attempt to reduce an overpopulation of deer on the refuge.  The largest number of deer harvested was 192 in 2003.

Contact Info: Larry Dean, 612-713-5312, Larry_Dean@fws.gov
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