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Mound City Proudly Displays Refuge Banners Downtown
Midwest Region, October 26, 2006
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- FWS photo
- FWS photo - Photo Credit: n/a

During the Refuge System Centennial in 2003, the Regional Sign Shop produced vinyl banners for Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge that were erected along the downtown of Mound City. They were in place for approximately 9 months.

The refuge received many positive comments about the banners which led to a further discussion about banners for the Mound City Sesquicentennial in 2007. Mound City proudly proclaims that they are the home of Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge and rightly so since the Civilian Conservation Corps camp was in Mound City in the 1930's and was responsible for building the refuge.

Squaw Creek developed a Challenge Cost Share project with the City of Mound City and the Mound City Chamber of Commerce.  The Regional Sign Shop was responsible for the purchase of the vinyl and the production of the banners.  The banners contained the Mound City Sesquicentennial Logo on the top and the bottom contained one of three wildlife pictures - a bald eagle, mallard or snow geese.

The banners were completed during the early fall and delivered to Mound City in early October.  Once they fabricated the frames to hold the banners, they were erected by City employees October 26 and will remain in place until the end of 2007.  


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