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Oklahoma Ecological Services Participates in Oklahoma Governer's Water Conference
Southwest Region, November 13, 2006
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 Headline (title): Oklahoma Governor’s Water Conference

OKESFO Representative:  Jerry Brabander

Date(s): November 13-14, 2006

Location: Oklahoma City

Meeting attendees: State, Federal, NGO, and legislative representatives - approximately 300 people

Executive summary of accomplishment: The conference focused on the upcoming update of the Oklahoma Water Plan to be coordinated by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.  The updated plan will be regional in scope as opposed to previous plans that were developed by the Board from a statewide perspective.  The concept is for wide-ranging stakeholder involvement beginning with a series of over 40 public meetings conducted by the Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute of the Oklahoma State University.  Information and recommendations from these sessions will be collated on a regional basis and used to formulate the overall plan.  The overall effort is scheduled for five years.  Service involvement will be in provision of trust resource data and recommendations for conservation of important aquatic and terrestrial habitats, especially important streams.  Incorporation of instream flow needs, in the Service’s view, is integral to a meaningful planning effort.

FWS programs involved: Migratory Birds, Federal Activities, Endangered and Threatened Species, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, Law Enforcement, Refuges, and Fisheries.

External partners involved: ODWC, ODEQ, OCC, TNC, OWF, other NGO’s, USCOE, USBR

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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