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Land Acquisition through the Federal Assistance Program (Performance Element 3: Partnerships and Cooperative Initiatives)
Southwest Region, September 30, 2006
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Region 2 Federal Assistance administers grants for  the Endangered Species Section 6 Habitat Conservation Plan Land Acquisition and the Recovery Land Acquisition programs by providing technical assistance to grantees and subgrantees to develop land acquisition grants.  The following lands were acquired in Fiscal Year 2006:

·        Arizona Grant E-30-RL.  In partnership with Arizona Game and Fish Department, as grantee, phase II acquisition of the 1,900-acre Coal Mine Spring was completed.  This property and its watershed will protect the existing Gila topminnow population and its habitat.

·        New Mexico Grant E-60-RL.  In partnership with New Mexico Energy, Minerals, & Natural Resources, as grantee, acquisition of the 116.43 acre Blue Hole Cienega was completed.  This property will protect the Pecos Sunflower and its habitat. 

·        Oklahoma Grant W-96-L.  In partnership with Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, as grantee, acquisition of an 80-acre inholding, to become a part of the Lexington Wildlife Management Area, was completed. This property will provide additional hunting and fishing opportunities for sportsmen. 

·        Oklahoma Grant F-72-L.  In partnership with Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, as grantee, acquisition of a 314.56-acre tract along the lower Illinois River trout stream was completed. This property will provide fishing opportunity for anglers by increasing the amount of public stream fishing access, plus provide associated public hunting opportunities along one of the most popular and highest used trout areas in Oklahoma. 

·        Texas E-61-HL.  In partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, as grantee, and Williamson County Conservation Foundation, as subgrantee, acquisition of the 42.855-acre tract was completed.  This property will provide ecosystem benefits for the endangered Bone Cave harvestman. Also, other karst invertebrate populations are anticipated to expand due to long-term preservation of this key habitat. 

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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