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Rancho El Aribabi Biological Inventory, Sonora, Mexico
Southwest Region, September 22, 2006
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The Arizona Ecological Services Office, in conjunction with the Sonoran Joint Venture Office (SJV) and Monte Sonorense (a Mexican nongovermental organization), conducted biological surveys at Rancho El Aribabi within the Rio Magdalena drainage in northern Sonora, Mexico from September 20 to 22, 2006.  The SJV established a partnership with the land owner of the Rancho and provided him financial and technical assistance to protect (through excluding cattle) and passively restore a portion of the Rio Cocospera and associated spring fed wetlands on his ranch.  We conducted pre-monsoon surveys May 10-12 as well as the recent surveys to document fish, amphibian, reptile, mammal, and plant species in the areas, with an emphasis on rare species.  To date, a rich diversity of native, sensitive, and listed species, including over 160 species of birds, 16 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibians, 6 species of fishes, and 12 species of mammals have been documented at the ranch.  In addition to many plant species documented by a local botantist, we documented the presence of the endangered Huachuca water umbel; this is the first record for that species from the Rio Magdalena drainage.  We will continue to conduct annual surveys to detect changes in species diversity in response to wetland restoration.  We provided all the data to the ranch owner to assist him in developing and promoting ecotourism on his ranch. 

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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