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Fifteen foot tall hybrid fence proposed along border of Barry M. Goldwater Range and Mexico border
Southwest Region, August 24, 2006
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The Departments of Homeland Security and Defense are proposing the construction of a hybrid fence along the border of the Barry M. Goldwater Range, in southwestern Arizona, and Mexico.  The hybrid fence will consist of a vehicle barrier with posts spaced at 4-foot intervals and 15-foot high metal sheeting in between the posts.  The hybrid fence is intended to preclude both illegal pedestrian and vehicle traffic onto the bombing range.  The Tucson suboffice will be meeting with DHS and DOD in the next 3 weeks to discuss section 7 consultation for the fence.  Effects of the proposed fence will include severing wildlife movements between the US and Mexico and funnelling more illegal traffic onto the Cabeza Prieta NWR, which may have significant effects on the endangered Sonoran pronghorn and the flat-tailed horned lizard. The environmental compliance and the fence construction must be completed in 2 years.  If environmental compliance (e.g., ESA, NEPA) cannot be completed within the necessary timeframe, DHS may invoke its waiver of these Acts, as authorized through the Real ID Act.  

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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