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Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region Joint Venture Helps Target Conservation Action for Waterbird Species included in State Wildlife Action Plans
Midwest Region, April 30, 2006
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 The Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region Joint Venture is of drafting a new implementation plan, with an all-bird approach. 

This new conservation plan will include four bird group conservation strategies that cover waterbirds, waterfowl, shorebirds, and landbirds.  These strategies prescribe habitat protection and restoration objectives that, when accomplished, should help to reach bird population goals in Region 3.

In the process of completing a draft, five species were used to focus conservation action.  Species chosen were the Black Tern, Black-crowned Night Heron, Common Tern, King Rail, and Yellow Rail; all species listed as "Species of Greatest Concern" in a minimum of five State Wildlife Action Plans. 

Various data sources, including land cover, survey, and locations based on expert opinion, were pulled together into a geographic information system to map distribution of populations and predicted areas of habitat within the joint venture region (which is largely congruent with Region 3). 

This mapping process was completed to help state and regional land managers with targeting and prioritizing areas that would be valuable to protect and restore for waterbirds.

The Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region Joint Venture mission is to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation through regionally-based, biologically-driven, and landscape-oriented partnerships.

Contact Info: Larry Dean, 612-713-5312, Larry_Dean@fws.gov
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