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Columbia FRO Staff Attend Spring Rise Monitoring Meeting
Midwest Region, August 8, 2006
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Columbia FRO staff participated in the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Spring Rise Meeting, 13 July.  Groups responsible for evaluating the modified flows from Gavins Point Dam presented results from their data collection, during the meeting. 

U.S. Geological Survey staff from the Columbia Environmental Research Center (CERC) presented information that was collected on telemetry of shovelnose sturgeon, aggregation of sturgeon on certain suspected spawning locations near the dam, physiological condition of shovelnose sturgeon during the spawning period, egg collections during the flow event, habitat condition and modeling, and real-ime water quality data collected. 

Nebraska Game and Parks Committee personnel described larval fish collections that occurred during the flow event. 

Following the presentations,groups participating in the meeting discussed changes to the monitoring and evaluation program that would provide more useful information at the event in March 2007.

Contact Info: Larry Dean, 612-713-5312, Larry_Dean@fws.gov
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