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Southwest Region, July 7, 2006
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A group from the State of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, Mexico visited Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge to view the South Texas Refuge Complex native plant nursery and restoration program.  There were representatives from the National Institute of Forestry, Agriculture and Fisheries Research, Association of Forest Products, Lumber Industry, Union of Silviculture and Forestry Managers all of Tamaulipas, Mexico, and a professor from the University Autónoma of Nuevo Leon Forestry Department.  Their interests included the containers used to grow seedlings, operations, planting techniques, and types of plant species used for restoration projects.  The Refuge ecologist and forestry technician showed them a reforested Refuge tract to observe some planting results.  The Corpus Christi Ecological Service Field Office -Alamo Suboffice staff accompanied the group to discuss the role of the Lower Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Binational Ecosystem Team and its efforts to reconnect and accomplish habitat restoration projects on potential wildlife corridors along the Rio Grande River, north and south of the border.  The group is considering reforesting 100,000 hectares of agriculture and pasturelands in Tamaulipas, Mexico.  They are planning to plant trees and plant species that can be used for a sustainable use resource and economic benefit to the communities.  They expressed a great deal of interested in working with the Binational Team to identify wildlife corridor areas of interest in Tamaulipas, Mexico.  The CCESFO staff were invited to attend a meeting with the group in the near future to discuss reforestation projects and strategies to help develop a management plan.   

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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