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Mexican Wolf Recovery Program Successfully Translocated Three Mexican Wolves into the Gila Wilderness, New Mexico
Southwest Region, June 6, 2006
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Mexican Wolf Recovery Program successfully tanslocated three Mexican wolves into the Gila Wilderness, New Mexico.  In June, 2006, 3 Mexican wolves at the Sevilleta Wolf Management Facility were transported into the Gila Wilderness and released as the Granite Pack.  The Granite Pack consists of alpha male 859, and two yearling females, f923 and f924.

Within one week of their June 6 release, the three members of the Granite Pack had split up; however, they remained in the Gila Wilderness in the vicinity of their release site.  The following week, the Interagency Field Team (IFT) located male 859 and female 924 together, and they located f923 approximately six miles southwest of the pair.  During the last week of June, male 859 had moved 30 miles to the northeast, returning to the area where the IFT captured it in June 2005.  F923 and f924 remained in the Gila Wilderness within five miles of their release site, but separate from each other.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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