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Public Hearing for the Re-designation of Critical Habitat for the Loach Minnow and Spikedace in Arizona and New Mexico in Silver City, NM, June 20, 2006
Southwest Region, June 20, 2006
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A public was held in Silver City, New Mexico, June 20, 2006 to obtain comments for the Fish and Wildlife Service to re-designate critical habitat for the loach minnow and spikedace (both threatened species).  The Fish and Wildlife Service asked for comments concerning a draft economic analysis and draft environmental assessment about critical habitat that opened for public comment December 20, 2005.  The meeting was attended by staff from the New Mexico and Arizona Ecological Services Field Offices and the public.

The Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to designate 633 miles of rivers and streams and their floodplains (includes a 300-foot buffer from each bank) in New Mexico and Arizona as critical habitat.  Critical habitat identifies geographic areas that contain features essential for the conservation of a threatened or endangered species and that may require special management considerations or protection.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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