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April Highlights From Tishomingo NFH
Southwest Region, April 30, 2006
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Approximately 10,000 Red River paddlefish fry were distributed to Inks Dam NFH. The paddlefish will be reared to 18 inches in length for stocking in Lake Texoma as part of a cooperative effort to re-establish a self-sustaining population above Denison Dam. The hatchery is rearing an additional 50,000 Red River paddlefish fry that eventually will be stocked into Lake Texoma and 20,000 Arkansas River paddlefish fry that will go to the John Redman Reservoir in Kansas.

Staff from Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge assisted hatchery staff for 2 weeks this month in a cooperative project to replace 4 fiberglass 20-foot circular fish culture tanks with new ones. Site preparation and new tank assembly required additional manpower for safety and efficiency. This task is part of a Maintenance Management System project for Paddlefish Rearing Area Improvement. Cooperation between the refuge and the hatchery benefited both stations in cost and time efficiency to further the goal of paddlefish production for restoration.

Plans are underway for the Annual Kids’ Fishing Derby that will be held June 3 at the hatchery. Over 500 children registered for last year’s event, so this year’s preliminary planning will involve changes in registration and safety issues.


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