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Southwest Region, April 6, 2006
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The cooperative farming program is well underway with several farmers in the process of planting field corn.  Pesticide Use Proposals were submitted for Regional review, most of which have already been approved or sent on for Washington approval.  Assistance through the Invasive Species Coordination Division has been sensational, and much appreciated.

The first marshbird surveys of the season wre conducted on March 24 and 27, yielding call broadcast responses from 8 pied-billed grebes, 3 sora rails, and 2 Virginia rails.  Pied-billed grebe courtship activities are observably well underway, although rail populations have not yet responded.  This marks Sequoyah's second year of involvement with the North American Marsh Bird Monitoring Protocol.

Southern bald eagle nesting activity is still underway.  The two Sandtown Bottom territories are doing well, so far holding a total of 3 fully-feathered chicks.  Farming activity near nesting territories is monitored and has not appeared to disturb chicks or adults in any way.  Appreciation goes to the Tulsa Ecological Services office for assistance through the Intra-Service Section 7 process.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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