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Piping Plover Non-breeding Conservation Strategy
Southwest Region, March 23, 2006
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A meeting to begin work on a conservation strategy for Piping Plovers during the non-breeding season was held on the campus of Texas A & M University – Corpus Christi.  Over 30 people representing Canadian and U.S. federal and state agencies, as well as conservation organizations, attended the meeting.  The Corpus Christi Ecological Services Field Office worked closely with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Coordinators for the 3 breeding populations of this species to organize this meeting.  The Atlantic Coast and Northern Great Plains Coordinators attended the meeting and assisted with subsequent follow-up actions.  Among the item actions identified at this meeting were the following:  1) increased coordination across the migration/wintering grounds of this species including identifying funding for a Coordinator between all the states, Mexico and the Bahamas who would facilitate the development of a conservation strategy; 2) produce a bibliography of literature pertaining to the migration/wintering grounds to be posted on a website, as well as scanning gray literature and posting it to the same website; and 3) development of a “Piping Plover Kit” for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that would include a cumulative effects tracking protocol, identify standard pre- and post-project monitoring protocols, and include tips for developing alternatives and assessing take.



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