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WMNWR Teaches Area Students
Southwest Region, February 28, 2006
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Road Back Inc., Lawton, Oklahoma, brought twelve at-Risk youth to the Refuge to learn about the geology of these Wichita Mountains. With each visit these students are building on their knowledge of the refuge and on their relationship with the earth.


The Lawton Public School “Envirothon Team” came to the refuge on February 2nd with four team members to be tested on and gain additional knowledge concerning aquatic invertebrates in preparation for their state competition in April.


The Kiowa Head Start Program, Carnegie, Oklahoma, visited the refuge on February 2nd to give thirty-six Native American youngsters a chance to see and learn about native species of wildlife and their respective habitats.            


On February 3rd a Home School Group, Lawton, Oklahoma, brought six of their students to the Refuge to work with the water model and learn about point and non-point source pollution. These students were able to discuss other topics to including medicinal & edible plants, the cycling of nutrients, and Native American uses of the Bison. 


On February 4th fourteen members of the Home Educators Research Organization, Lawton, Oklahoma, went for a journey through the special use area searching for eagles, discussing the unique relationship between Native Americans and the Earth and Native American history.


Road Back Inc., from Lawton, Oklahoma, brought five participants to the refuge on February 22nd to learn about water testing procedures and to discuss environmental issues concerning water.  


On February 25th Boy Scout Troop 700, Grapevine, Texas came to the refuge with fifteen scouts to learn more about the Wichita Mountains and participate in the environmental education orientation program. A myriad of topics were covered to include identification of native species of wildlife, medicinal & edible plants, and Elk, Bison  and Prairie Dog ecology.


Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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