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Botanical Symposium of Northern Mexico
Southwest Region, September 15, 2005
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David Rosen, botanist with the Clear Lake Ecological Services Field Office, attended the 2nd Botanical Symposium of Northern Mexico, held September 13-15, 2005 in Durango, México.  The symposium, sponsored by the CIIDIR Unidad Durango of the National Polytechnic Institute, in conjunction with the Sociedad Botánica de México, focused on the role of botany in the management and conservation of ecosystems.  Rosen presented a talk at the entitled “The Role of Botany in Natural Resource Management and Conservation” which provided an overview of various CLESFO projects including florisitc surveys, early detection of invasive species, and early identification of species and plant communities of conservation concern.  The meeting was widely attended by botanists and plant scientists from the United States, Mexico, and Argentina presenting talks and posters on a variety of subjects including plant conservation, forest management, policy, and systematics.

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