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Penascal Wind Farm Project Proposed by PPM Energy, Kenedy County, TX
Southwest Region, September 15, 2005
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On September 15, 2005, Pat Clements, staff biologist from the Corpus Christi Ecological Services Field Station, participated in an on-site inspection of the proposed wind farm project area, and visited with the principal researchers retained by the project proponents for the assessment of potential avian impacts of the project. Study efforts include radar surveys (x-band), avian point counts (visual and acoustic recording), and infrared photography. The survey team includes Dr. Robert Benson, Dr. Glen Perigo, Mr. Jim Sinclair, and Dr. Margaret Land (biostatistician). The surveys are designed specifically for the South Texas conditions. On September 21st, Ms. Clements met with researchers and with project representatives from PPM Energy to discuss current study results and upcoming study efforts as well as other issues related to the proposed project. If project development proceeds, this would be the first wind farm project in coastal south Texas. General project design plans include the construction of approximately 120 - 200 megawatt towers, each with an overall height of 120 meters (40-meter blade length) and requiring about 1 acre per turbine for placement of turbines 400 meters apart in a string and 5000 to 7000 meters between turbine strings.

Contact Info: Martin Valdez, 505-248-6599, martin_valdez@fws.gov
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