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KENAI: Trumpeter Swan Orphans Find New Home in Iowa
Alaska Region, July 1, 2005
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Kenai National Wildlife Refuge staff were alerted on June 18 to the discovery of a dead adult trumpeter swan and a young brood of five cygnets in a nearby lake. When biologists arrived they discovered two of the young swans had been killed by avian predators but the remaining three were healthy. The birds were taken to a volunteer bird rehabilitator until more permanent arrangements could be made. Working with other Fish and Wildlife Staff it was not long until a new home was found. The young swans were adopted by the Iowa Trumpeter Swan Restoration Project and departed for their new home on June 28. The birds are a welcome boost to a 10-year cooperative effort to restore trumpeter swans to Southwestern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. Historically trumpeters were common in Iowa but were extirpated by the late 1800s - by the early 1930s only 69 trumpeter swans remained in the entire lower 48 states. Iowa's program had its first success with a reintroduced swan nesting near Dubuque in 1998. Restoration programs such as Iowa's exist in Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario and have successfully brought back the North America interior trumpeter swan population to 4,500 birds by 2004.

Contact Info: Kristen Gilbert, 907-786-3391, Kristen_Gilbert@fws.gov
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