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Missouri Governor Declares May 14, 2005 Bird Conservation Day
Midwest Region, May 11, 2005
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In celebration of the importance of Missouri birds, members of the Steering Committee for the Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative (MoBCI) met with Governor Matt Blunt on May 11, 2005. A state Proclamation to designating May 14, 2005, as Missouri's Bird Conservation Day was signed by the Governor. George Seek, Chairperson of MoBCI explained the importance of bird conservation to all citizens of the state and presented the Governor with a book entitled ?Birds in Missouri? signed by all members of the MoBCI Steering Committee.

The Proclamation recognized that Missouri's natural environment is one of the most important concerns for current and future generations. The Proclamation attested that 1.4 million Missouri residents enjoy bird watching and that 406 species of birds have been recorded in Missouri and that 167 of those species were listed in the Missouri Breeding Bird Atlas as confirmed or likely to breed in Missouri.

The proclamation further stated that Missouri wildlife-watchers spend $448.8 million dollars and generate $937.8 million dollars in total business-generated activity while supporting 7,850 jobs and creating $22.1 million dollars in state sales tax revenue.

Missouri formed MoBCI in 2003 to demonstrate the importance of bird conservation in the state through the organization of 30 different organizations with bird interests. The primary purpose of MoBCI is to foster collaboration and cooperation to conserve, restore, and protect bird populations.

The Governor's Proclamation of Missouri's Bird Conservation Day helped Missourians understand the commitment of the state in the conservation of birds and bird habitat in Missouri.

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