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ACE Basin NWR Renamed in honor of Senator Ernest F. Hollings
Southeast Region, May 16, 2005
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On May 16, 2005, under large live oak trees, the ACE Basin NWR was officially renamed in honor of Senator Ernest F. Hollings. Senator Hollings has long been a supporter of National Wildlife Refuges in SC, and as such has secured more than 37 million dollars to four SC refuges for land acquisition and construction projects. In addition, Senator Hollings secured funding for the renovation of the 1828 Grove Plantation house, which now serves as the refuge's headquarters.

The renaming ceremony was attended by more than 150 people, including acting FWS Director Matt Hogan, Assistant Secretaries Craig Manson (Fish, Wildlife and Parks) and Tim Keeney (Commerce). Additionally, Representative Henry Brown, Mike Nussman (President of the American Sportfishing Assoc.) John Frampton (SCDNR Director) and Regional Director Sam Hamilton participated in the event. The weather was beautiful, the temperatures mild, and the bugs missing. The ceremony was followed by the unveiling of the new refuge entrance sign.

No contact information available. Please contact Larry Dean, 612-713-5313, larry_dean@fws.gov
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