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High School Students Find Their Niche at Natural Resource Career Fair
Alaska Region, May 11, 2005
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?I want to be a biologist!? ?I like learning about plants.? ?I like rescuing people.? ?I love animals!? Approximately 70 high school students at Anchorage's King Career Center (KCC) learned how their interests correlated with job skills at a pilot Natural Resource Career Fair this week. Students gaped at illegal wildlife products, practiced mapping with a Global Positioning System (GPS), and explored the mining industry with cookies ripe with chocolate chunk gold mines. Representatives at the fair from the US Fish and Wildlife Service's National Wildlife Refuges, Law Enforcement, and Ecological Service divisions joined employees from 10 other state and federal natural resources agencies to spend a day teaching the students about their jobs. The agencies gave students information about their missions, the skills involved in different types of jobs, and what steps to take in between high school and applying for a full time job. Students who participated in the fair were from the KCC's Natural Resource Management, Horticultural, Emergency Medical Training, and Ready for Work Programs.

This year's fair was a pilot program for a Natural Resources Career outreach effort envisioned by Ann Rappoport, Anchorage Fish and Wildlife Field Office Supervisor, and Mike Woods, Natural Resource Management Program teacher at KCC. The agency representatives will form a team to reach out to more local high schools next year with their career messages. The KCC students who participated this year will evaluate the fair and comment on how natural resource agencies can increase their connection with high school students. The Natural Resource Career Team is enthusiastic about this opportunity to open students? eyes to the wide variety of careers available to them.

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