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Wet and Wild volunteers prepare trails for grand opening
Southeast Region, April 2, 2005
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A fun-loving volunteer crew braved inclement weather, Saturday, April 2, to help refuge staff ready Florida Panther NWR's first public use facility for its grand opening in June. Established in 1989 for the protection of the Florida panther, the refuge has never been opened to the public. The new trail system consists of a 0.3 mile handicap-accessible loop and a 1.3 mile trail and will be part of the Everglades Trail system, a network of 20 trails that celebrates America's greatest wetland. Fifteen volunteers, including many from the Friends of the Fakahatchee Strand and the Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge, cleared vegetation, mulched, and filled in holes. These dedicated (and very wet) volunteers did an outstanding job.

Contributed by: Layne Hamilton, Refuge Manager, and Karen Relish, Florida Panther & Ten Thousand Islands NWRs, Naples, FL

No contact information available. Please contact Larry Dean, 612-713-5313, larry_dean@fws.gov
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