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Students of Pelican Island Elementary restore habitat at their namesake refuge
Southeast Region, April 15, 2005
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Each class from Pelican Island Elementary School will get the opportunity to visit their namesake Refuge, Pelican Island NWR, this spring thanks to the Nature of Learning program administered by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. A $5000 start up grant was awarded to the school which has enabled them to hire an environmental educator, help fund class visits to the refuge and complete a stewardship project on the refuge. As part of the class visits, each student will go on an environmental education tour on the Centennial Trail and view the Pelican Island rookery. As part of the stewardship project, the 2nd and 5th grades are restoring habitat by creating a native butterfly garden at the refuge.

Contributed by: Joanna Taylor, Pelican Island & Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuges, Vero Beach, FL

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